Timeline and recognition wall for UT Medical Center

Take 462 butcher blocks, 125 feet of wire, 1,900 bolts and screws and our team at High Resolutions. Mix those ingredients up, and you get this amazing wall of Maple, ink and acrylic. How did we do it?

The project started like most projects: with an idea. UT Medical Center came to us with their vision of creating a large display wall that would be a visual masterpiece with a special function. This wall would serve as a historical timeline of the hospital and include the recognition of individuals who had faithfully served the hospital for many years, contributing to its success. The core of our design required custom maple butcher blocks to be fabricated from raw lumber. Each block needed to be finished to the exact same dimensions.

Don’t let the simplistic design, fool you. This wall had to be engineered to support all of the 120+ pound panels that would be installed. To beat all, since the nature of the wall (purpose) is modular and constantly changing by adding new names and timeline events, we had to design a way to remove individual blocks and panels to change the layout over time. This required extensive pre-planning and design engineering until everyone was satisfied with the final solution.

Given the great lengths we went to in order to ensure a successful execution, the production and installation stages went smoothly. After a few days in a secured room to keep the project hidden from the public, the install team emerged with two days to spare before the official unveiling and dedication. With news cameras and hospital staff in attendance, the curtain was pulled back to reveal one of our most ambitious projects to date.