History is Looking Up – Oversized Prints at the Bijou Theatre

High Resolutions has a curious habit of prompting our Knoxville neighbors around town to look up and learn more about our city’s storied, character-rich history.

The Bijou Theater recently looked to High Resolutions to take the archive-inspired graphics developed by Robin Easter Design and produce and install new large scale exterior wall graphics celebrating the 110th anniversary of this renowned entertainment venue, the oldest commercially active property in Knoxville – possibly in Tennessee.

With a restricted window of time to close a lane of busy Cumberland Avenue, the High Resolutions installation team handled over 2500 sq. ft.  of graphics in a single day.  Working as high as 40 ft over the street, our team removed old worn displays, installed two new graphics and had Cumberland back open before evening rush hour.

The oversized prints now on display are striking images reflective of the Bijou’s past.

  • 1905_Bijou_Gallery_4
  • 1905_Bijou_Gallery_3
  • 1905_Bijou_Gallery_2

The 16’ x 29’ banner closest to Gay Street is a triptych of the Bijou at key points in its century-plus timeline. The 32’ x 25’  banner on the west end of the building depicts an interior of the theater (which boasts some of the most perfect natural acoustics of any performance venue in the nation) circa the 1920-30s era in the theater’s golden age heyday of vaudeville and musical productions.

Visually chronicling our hometown’s history is one of our favorite kind of storytelling projects, and we were so delighted to get to work with all our partners on it. We look forward to looking up and enjoying the graphics for a long time!

Watch our video of the installation below and be sure to follow our YouTube channel.