be more. Campaign for the Clayton Wellness Department

We were given the opportunity to create a new campaign for the Clayton Wellness Department. Clayton Wellness oversees multiple groups and programs that all have their own brand identities. The design needed to be simple enough to be used alongside multiple programs that fell under the umbrella of the Wellness Department as a whole, but also strong enough to stand on it’s own. Clayton Wellness interacts with employees on a very personal level, seeking to improve growth in all areas of life. This isn’t limited to just fitness, but also applies to their financial, nutritional, spiritual, emotional, and social lives, both inside and outside the workplace.

be more. logo

Our campaign adopted by the Wellness team was called be more. The be more. campaign encourages employees to be more. in all areas of their life. The logo was designed to be used alongside different words that could apply to all of the different areas of life:

be more.adventurous be be more.nutritious be more.flexible

To support the new be more. campaign, the Wellness department wanted to make a big statement at their quarterly Teamshare meeting for all corporate employees. We were asked to create a launch video to renew excitement for the Wellness Department and introduce the be more. campaign. We established a concept they loved, and the Wellness Team pointed us to a series of Fitbit commercials that they liked and fit with the concept perfectly. The end result is the below, and the client reaction was our favorite part: “People love it!”