Grumpy Cat Paper Art

Tardar Sauce the Grumpy Cat
Tardar Sauce the Grumpy Cat

If you’ve been around the interwebs any time in the last few months, you have probably ran across Grumpy Cat here or there. Grumpy Cat is an adorable little mutt who just happened to be born with an underbite. This makes her face look like she is constantly grumpy or irritated at something. Paper artist and illustrator Tubbypaws crafted a wonderful little cut-and-fold to honor Grumpy Cat, and we decided to give it the High Res treatment. The original art is only a small version that fits on an 8.5 x 11″ page. Tubbypaws sent us the vector version which allowed us to scale the image to grande proportions. We wanted our little cat to be an unofficial mascot for our company and stand out a bit. Our version of Grumpy Cat sits about 2.5′ high from feet to tip of ears. We printed her with our UV printer on 18pt cardstock. After printing, our router table made the colossal task of cutting much easier.

We setup a cut path to trim everything just perfectly to the fold tabs. We also used a scoring tool to make creases where the folds needed to go. This made folding much more accurate.

After the router did it’s job, it was hand-assembly time. First, we partially folded each tab and segment to loosen it up. We then used low profile double-sided tape at each connection. After about 20 minutes of folding and cutting, our Grumpy Cat had taken shape.

Here she is in all her grumpiness. From all of us at High Resolutions, we thank you Grumpy Cat. Please accept our humble homage.

A huge thanks to Tubbypaws for providing the vector art and permission to use the art.

top image source: Grumpy Cat Tumblr Page