SwingPerfect tradeshow display

SwingPerfectLast year, we printed and installed graphics on the SwingPerfect company’s trade show display. This year, SwingPerfect asked us to modify the graphics, print, and install some new graphics for their hardware. Read on to see their hardware and how it works.

SwingPerfect asked us to modify the artwork to reflect some new information about their product. After the proof was given the seal of approval from the company, we began production. Their display hardware is what’s known as a pop-up display. The aluminum frame is hinged and connected by several hubs throughout the assembly. Expanding the frame allows the user to lock several plastic clips together that unify the front and back, creating a rigid, lightweight display.

Collapsable, metal rails are attached to clips on the front side. These rails then get magnets attached down their length. The laminated graphics have plastic hangers and stiffeners attached at top and bottom. The hangers will hook on the pegs at the top of the rails while the stiffeners will help keep the bottom straight. The magnets are adhered to either side of each graphic panel with adhesive. Optionally the fabric ends of the display can also have graphics added.

What does this mean to you, the customer? It means that High Resolutions takes our years of experience creating trade show booths for a variety of budgets and businesses and gives you an easy to maintain and setup display. If you need to promote your business or cause and need a high-impact, eye-catching display, contact us to find out what we can for your next exhibit.