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Trade Show Displays

Island exhibits, modular exhibits, portable displays, hardware, banner stands, literature holders... High Resolutions can help you find the right trade display for your audience.

With so many options and so many factors to consider, the process of getting from design to installation may make a marketing project seem more like a minefield. High Resolutions has more than a decade of experience helping clients. We will offer our hard-earned knowledge to help you create the perfect environment for showcasing your message.

Our experience is only one way that you'll benefit with High Resolutions. Our superior technology is another key to success. We use our equipment to your advantage and make sure your display has that extra something that makes you stand out from the competition.

High Resolutions designs and fabricates exhibits for trade shows, meetings, conferences, and conventions. We also offer additional services as needed:

  • Hardware supplies
  • Shipping, tracking, and warehousing
  • Equipment rental

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