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Facility and Corporate Graphics

Directional signage, visual imagery, and logos are elements of functional design that help create a sense of place. High Resolutions recognizes the importance of environmental graphic design. We enhance the image of college campuses, public squares, office buildings, and more.

Designing for public or corporate facilities encompasses many disciplines including architecture, graphic design, industrial design, and landscape architecture. High Resolutions has worked with and for architects, artists, interior designers, facility managers, and developers.

We make public spaces user-friendly and visually pleasing.

High Resolutions designs, fabricates, and installs the full-spectrum of communication graphics for a wide range of commercial and private spaces. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Corporate Logos
  • Directional Maps
  • Event Signage
  • Interior and Exterior Signage
  • Lobby-Wall Identity
  • Office Nameplates
  • Timelines
  • Wall Murals
  • Wayfinding Signs

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